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12 Years Focus on Gift Box Packaging Equipment
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Dongguan Longxingjian Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Longxingjian Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a research and development manufacturer specializing in artificial intelligence equipment for post-press packaging. Its main products include automatic slotting machine, automatic Heaven-Earth box machine, automatic forming machine, automatic angle sticker, vision automatic positioning machine and other intelligent production equipment for packaging boxes. It is one of the few products with slotting machine and Heaven-Earth box systems in China at the same time....

Choose LongXingSheng 6 Advantages
Provide worry-free artificial intelligence equipment for printing and packaging enterprises
1 12 years of industry experience,Strength Manufacturer Longxingsheng has devoted 12 years to R&D, production and sales of gift box equipment,At the same time, it has two production lines of gift box equipment: slotting machine and heaven and earth box, and has more than 10,000 square meters of Dongguan production base,At the same time, the second production base of 20,000 square meters was established in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province.
2 Professional R&D team,Meeting special customization Longxingsheng has advanced technology and professional R&D system, focusing on market-oriented development of new products,It can update and upgrade the equipment remotely according to customers'needs, and provide customers with the latest carton technology in the market,Provide new ideas for customer development.
3High-tech Enterprises,Brand Patent Quality Assurance Longxingsheng has professional and perfect intellectual property rights,The company has passed ISO, CE certification and high-tech enterprise certification,He has won more than 30 patents for appearance design, utility model and invention.
4Brand Configuration of Supply Parts,Safety and stability Company ownership Famous brands at home and abroad are used for equipment components,There are special CNC center processing accessories to ensure the performance and quality of the machine.All accessories have corresponding codes to facilitate customers to quickly replace accessories.
5Applying ERP System Management,Normative and effective The company adopts ERP system management to create independent customer files for each customer,Management is more standardized, and lifelong tracking and maintenance.
6Have perfect after-sales Service system Longxingsheng has five domestic after-sales service outlets, including eastern, southern, western, northern and central, and two foreign regional outlets, to meet customer needs at any time. Our company also has professional after-sales training courses,The machine operation and maintenance can be explained to customers "one-to-one, point-to-point".
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